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Internet version of the course

Internet version of the course

In contradistinction to computer textbooks that are in abundance offered by the authors (pages of the book on the computer screen), Internet version of this course will give you an opportunity to learn the  language without superfluous theorizing but practising quick skills. The process of your work will be absorbing as it somehow resembles a video-game. A participant tries to get a maximum number of points during a minimum period of time, that is to get the highest mark. Multiple repetition of every task (till you gain the 100% result) makes it possible to considerably increase the tempo of your work and to improve its quality.

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Distant version will allow you

  • to fix your individual schedule of work,
  • to have an adaptable tempo of practising,
  • to increase the tempo of learning more systematically,
  • to check the results of tasks done,
  • to estimate the quality of your work by the lesson,
  • to test and examine yourself.

With the help of learning in the Internet - System you will be able

  • to use the lexical audio-visual commentary to the lessons,
  • to correct your pronunciation,
  • to take part in talks (dialogues),
  • to work with the video materials of the course.

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